Kindergarten Prep.

Just as routines helped ease your child’s mind in a new environment, they will also get your child ready for kindergarten. In this program, Busy Bee'z educators follow a routine of sitting down and learning, playing, and feeding. This way your child can maintain their attention span and be prepared to sit down for more than five minutes. During this time, we will introduce your child to counting and patterns as well as recognizing letter sounds and writing their name. Creativity will be encouraged through musical learning, crafts, and storytime discussions. Children will be expected to express themselves verbally to increase their vocabulary.


Life Adventures

In this program, we have field trip days to local areas like community parks, the pool, and the nearest bowling alley. Notices will be given to parents a week before each field trip date. By doing this, your child will engage in social activities and be able to explore through observation and participation.

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